Want to make your photos unique? Want to change the whole structure of the photo but still retain the actual as of the original? Use Enlight Pixaloop (MOD, Features Unlocked) – an amazing photo editing application from Lightricks publisher. With beautiful, unique and strange clouds drifting effect created by this photo editing application, it will surely make you feel satisfied right from the first use. Basically, the usage of this application does not change too much compared to similar products such as VSCO or PicsArt Photo Editor so you can be assured of the application access issue. Enlight Pixaloop is currently available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. This will make it easier for users to download and install the application to their device. First, you should refer to this article to get a better overview of it.

The way to use is very simple

As a photo editing application on a mobile platform, Enlight Pixaloop gives players the necessary visualization through a familiar interface system built-in. Through a few simple operations, users can easily customize their photos to come alive than ever.

To start using the effects in this application, the user must first add an image to the editor. Then choose one of the available filters. If you want to animate the image, you have to mark a certain number of points on the image. This way, the new application can determine which area to insert dynamic effects into.

Basically, you just need to touch the editing icons available on the screen to help your photos change. There will be quite a lot of effects built into this application, along with the description text that will be attached below each feature to make it easier for users to use.

Besides the ability to edit photos, Enlight Pixaloop also allows users to recreate short videos through the great features built-in. In fact, the method of use will not change compared to image editing so you can feel a certain familiarity.

After finishing your work, you can save it to your device or share your work with others through popular social networking sites. However, to save the image, you first need to upgrade Pixaloop Pro on the App Store or Google Play, then select the Share button at the top. Here you need to select the time of the video, then select Export.

The salient features of the application

The first feature that comes to mind when it comes to Enlight Pixaloop MOD APK is its interface system. This application possesses an extremely intuitive interface and makes it easy for users to create a vivid photo that suits their style. Most tools allow users to move and control movements quickly and accurately.

Next, this application allows users to “turn” still images seemingly monotonous into animations quickly. With tools to create motion such as water, clouds, change the sky, … will definitely make your photos become much more unique than the original.

In addition, the new Geometrics tool helps users create 3D movements such as stairs, floors or corridors to create architectural animations right on the smartphone or machine itself. his tablet.

In addition, users can save images or videos of the highest quality through Enlight Pixaloop. This will help the works you create will have more detail as well as superior display quality.

Lots of support tools

Besides the outstanding features built-in, Enlight Pixaloop also gives users a lot of tools to support the maximum for photo editing. Here are some of the most used tools:

1. Create Patch motion points naturally and intuitively.
2. Anchor to create anchor points.
3. Geometric: Create 3D motion.
4. Loop: Change the motion loop for photos.
5. Sky: Adding moving clouds to make the image much more vivid than the original.
6. Camera FX: Create effects for background images.
7. Overlay: There are many beautiful effects such as bubbles, rain, clouds … so you can easily make the best choice for your needs.
8. Unlimited number of Projects.

In general, Enlight Pixaloop’s tools will not be much different from the same category applications on the market today. However, Enlight Pixaloop possesses advantages as well as an easier-to-use and more professional interface that will definitely make users feel extremely satisfied with what it brings. The special thing is that effects such as floating clouds, flowing water … are one of the features that many users love and they have never appeared in photo editing applications before.

General conclusions

Enlight Pixaloop is a great photo editing application that you should try to experience in the present time. It gives users a lot of features, along with a dedicated image editing tool that promises to not make you feel frustrated during use. As you can see, Enlight Pixaloop is one of the most popular photo editing applications on the app market today, so you can completely trust what this application brings. What are you waiting for? Create works of art right on your smartphone through this great application now.