N. O. V. A. Legacy is a first – person shooter in a futuristic setting from mastodon game development on mobile devices Gameloft. The story tells of the fight against alien invaders on a huge spaceship that was attacked. Will have to play as special forces cal warden. To help him is not only a powerful gun, and tips from the voice assistant Elena.

The gameplay is a corridor action game where you must fight with the enemies and help the allied troops. A hero has an impressive range of weapons that can and need to upgrade for a more successful battles with the enemies. There is a choice of submachine guns, shotguns, rifles and hand grenades. Also upgrade the exposed armor of the character. After the passage of a single game has the opportunity to participate in online battles at familiar locations with players from around the world.

As befits a qualitative project, there are gorgeous graphics and soundtrack. Quality optimization, martial music and colorful effects will delight from the gaming process. N. O. V. A. Legacy – quality Thriller in a future world which will appeal to all fans of the genre.